5724801C-D6D6-4CA2-90C6-1A9D4EAB82CBWhat’s poppin’ though? I knew you’d end up here! I figured you’d find it extremely hard to resist that naturally nudging human  itch of curiosity. I’d hope you’d be super fucking awesome enough, or super fucking nosy enough, or thought I was extremely attractive enough, or a hater enough, or a lover enough or a government official or perhaps know me already enough to click that “ABOUTMAD” button.

In any or all cases:

My name is Monae Ajare’ Dawson, but everyone calls me Mo. I am a 25 years old, Oakland native who is passionate about everything that I do!

In my free time I really love having deep life-analyzing conversations with people (having them with strangers make it 10x better). I am also an artist and will dabble in everything including but not limited to poetry, film production and whatever else I can get my hands on.

That’s why I’m starting this blog! To create a platform to talk about self-improvement, display my art ventures

Things that make my world go ’round: AVOCADO. Netflix shows, live music and/or comedy shows, cooking (mostly eating) really yummy things, my dog Reina, my amazing support system, travel, social justice, technology advancement for efficiency AND everything culturally rich.