5724801C-D6D6-4CA2-90C6-1A9D4EAB82CBWhat’s poppin’ though? My name is Monae Ajare’ Dawson, but everyone calls me Mo. I am a 25 years old, Oakland native who is passionate about everything that I do! Guess what? I knew you’d end up here! I figured you’d find it extremely hard to resist that naturally nudging human  itch of curiosity. I’d hope you’d be super fucking awesome enough, or super fucking nosy enough, or thought I was extremely attractive enough, or a hater enough, or a lover enough or a government official or perhaps know me already enough to click that “ABOUTMAD” button.

In any or all cases:

You should know that the reason I decided to start this blog is because we live in a MAD world and I wanted to create a platform for urban adults to discuss SELF-IMPROVEMENT, to SHIT-TALK about all of the trivialities of life that get in the way of our success, and SHOW THE FUCK OFF how we use are talents to overcome all of the MADNESS. Join me?


Things that make my world go ’round: AVOCADO. Netflix shows, live music and/or comedy shows, cooking (mostly eating) really yummy things, my dog Reina, my amazing support system, travel, social justice, technology advancement for efficiency AND everything culturally rich.