aboutWhat’s poppin’ though? I knew you’d end up here! I figured you’d find it extremely hard to resist that naturally nudging human  itch of curiosity. I’d hope you’d be super fucking awesome enough, or super fucking nosy enough, or thought I was extremely attractive enough, or a hater enough, or a lover enough or a government official or perhaps know me already enough to click that “ABOUTMAD” button.

In any or all cases:

That’s me up there….with the face. I’m Monae Ajare’ Dawson or MAD for short. I’m 24. I am an OG in the writing/poetry game, a street-certified Real One and have been mentoring children and adults for 5+ years now. I am from Oakland, CAlifragilisticexpialidocious (and will rep for my city until the death of me).  But you wanna know what else I rep for? YOU. 

My GENERATION. That’s who this is all for.

My PEOPLE. Whether you are:

  1. Black, Brown, White, Yellow, Purple or Transparent
  2. Need a bestie who is going to keep it lit with you whether you get MAD or not (b/c I really don’t give a flipping fly dog)
  3. Have had a hard time getting over obstacles in your life
  4. Want to be your BEST self within your careers, relationships, and health
  5. Love art
  6. Are also a REAL ONE
  7. Or shiiieeet, if you just like to talk about the social norms that makes up this crazy world we live in and want to do it in an uncut, unfiltered, bluntly put, MAD kinda way..

THIS is the blog where it’s going to be done the best. Because to be MAD means to be in any and every way at your highest potential and this is…