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A POEM to All My Sisters and Brothers in this World, the MOST IMPORTANT THING IS YOU.

Who needs man? When You can fuck Yourself? Who needs a hater or a fan? Why don’t You fuck Yourself? Chuck a 9 to 5 strive to buck Yourself. No dream sellin’, slumber as the realist when You tuck Yourself! Deposit good into the world to luck Yourself. Get Your family at a table You pot lucked Yourself. See Your reflection in the sky star struck Yourself and if ain’t Yourself, then ask Yourself who else? Who else? Who else? 

If not Yourself? Who then? If not Yourself? Who wins? The thought of ending Your family struggle should make Yourself grin. So force Yourself to tie up Your lose ends. Ask Yourself, to be GREAT OR THE GREATEST? IT DEPENDS. To be the greatest requires patience Our generation we ain’t got that. SO ask the Lord to teach You and promise Yourself You’ll be right back. Always aim for Your greatest self, tell Yourself and that’s that. Cause if ain’t Yourself? Then Who ELSE? WHO ELSE? WHO ELSE? 

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