SpeakSome: Blue Dream

Welcome to my brain and all the MAD ย things it comes up with.

Blue Dreamย 

You are a high, a cannabi, a lift in my life.ย 

A POEM To All the Lovers.

Steam. ย Envelopes the atomosphere.ย As I cool down in the shower.ย A little You on my leg,ย We played for about a hour.ย Blue Dream in the air we agree it’s smoking time.ย I assume the position to hit the blunt from behind.ย You say You find it sexy how the smokeย Goes through my nose.ย I get in my do me poseย and proceed to blowing O’sย O…O….O !ย And now your mind’s blown.ย You don’t know what to do with it.ย I told You I got that grade A nigga,ย Now You got me provin’ itย and now I got You MADย Lifted, Flaka, Losin’ it.ย You grind her UP.ย You grind her down.ย Grind, Grind screwin’ it.ย I need an 8th,ย I need a fix.ย Yo shit so fire and it stays lit.ย I’m holding it.ย I babysit,ย Not passing to no other b*tch.ย I can just roll You up and smoke You.ย It’s lit.ย It’s lit.ย It’s lit.ย It’s LIT.ย