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My First Write-up Turned Into a “W”

I work at Starbucks.


The next day, being the OVER ACHIEVER that I am, instead of calling in,

I dragged myself to work even though I still felt like a huge toilet clogging piece of shit

and I put in all that I could because I refused to miss any more money. It was obvious I was sick, I was barely talking (I’m usually upbeat and playfully insulting everyone) and my manager even asked “What’s your deal?” as I sat in the back of the store looking like my dog died. “I feel like shit, like REALLY”, I replied. She empathized with me, offered to help get my shift covered the next day to recover.

I didn’t know what was in store for me 😒

As I was leaving, plotting on the sleep I could fit in before my second job she called me to the back. Next thing I knew her passive aggressive ass was handing me a write up FOR A NO CALL NO SHOW. NO CALL NO SHOW??!!????!!! Meeeeee??!!!???? I have never been written up in my whole working career.

I stared at her in awe for a second and even blinked twice to make sure my sickness wasn’t getting the best of me. “Have I talked to You about our texting policy?” she asks, Bitch Ner. I shake my hurting head still in disbelief. I never call off, and I’m never late. You couldn’t at least just given me a warning? “If only You had picked up the phone when she called”, she says. OF COURSE this particular Monday my manager started at 7:30am 🙄 so when my coworker called to see where I was by 4am, I was in a deep flu 😷 induced coma. Perfect. “My apologies, I was very sick and it was very early, I wasn’t even thinking straight”. She plays empathetic, “I understand, I’m here for You. But if You had even called to just check in….”


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